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Premium Ceylon Tea

Wholesale & Retail suppliers of Premium Grade

Ceylon Tea
Our Product Portfolio
  • Green Tea
    • While Green Ceylon tea is less well known, the reputation for quality enjoyed by Ceylon Tea has quickly come to be shared by the green product as well as the black.
  • Organic Tea
    • Our range of finest certified organic teas, free from chemicals & pesticides, include some of the healthiest, most delectable teas in the market today.
  • Loose Tea
    • For all the tea connoisseurs who prefer brewing their tea the old-fashioned way, our collection of Exotic, Classic and Everyday Premium Teas is sure to be a delight.
  • Flavored Tea
    • All of our flavored teas are blended in-house using the finest quality Ceylon black tea and only the very best natural flavors and ingredients.
What Makes Us Different
Our teas are for real tea drinkers

At Ceylon Emporium, our concept and business practices are different from the rest of the herd. While most tea brands on the market have commoditized tea and have gone for profits over quality, we wholeheartedly believe in the pure Ceylon tea brand and the unique quality it carries that makes Ceylon tea so special. At Ceylon Emporium, we believe in the quality of real Ceylon tea and have carried this belief in all the products we offer.

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