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new & innovative business solution for our clients.

While this is our newest venture, as part of the Southwales International ‘Green Initiative,’ we have already made a name for ourselves due to our commitment to continuously adapt and advance in all areas of our process and performance, which inevitably lead to bigger margins and better advantages to our loyal clientele.

It has to also be said that our goals with scrap metal are not completely fiduciary in nature. Our scrap metal and ULAB recycling project started with environmental health and safety in mind, where we are able to do our little bit to saving and protecting the planet we live on.

scrap metal, copper and ULAB for recycling

As part of the latest project of Southwales International, we are now an authorized supplier and dealer of scrap metal and ULAB (used lead-acid battery) for recycling purposes in New South Wales & Victoria.

We buy all types of scrap metals and used batteries, and are happy to offer our customers collection services to suit their requirements. All materials that we collect or that are delivered to us are then dealt with safely, securely and efficiently, ensuring minimum risk for all parties involved.

Our Process

  • 1.
    • We deal with a wide range of suppliers, including engineering industries, small traders, vehicle dismantlers and scrap metal dealers.
  • 2.
    • We then begin the laborious process of sorting all the scrap metals that we collect according to the industry standards of scrap metal and ULAB sorting.
  • 3.
    • Once the scrap metals and ULABs are collected and sorted, we then deliver them to the recycling plants for the remainder of the recycling process.