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wholesale dealers in spices, food ingredients and packaging products
Wide range of food products
We are experienced suppliers of high quality spices, blended seasonings and mixes, packaging products and food associated sundries.
We stand above the rest
We are not just a wholesaler; we combine the traditions of the centuries-old spice trade with modern technology and methods, offering you the best of both worlds.

what makes us different

With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, incomparable relationships with our suppliers, stringent end-to-end quality control and rigorous adherence to our high standards of safety have enabled us to provide unrivaled spices, food ingredients and packaging products to exacting commercial clients at unrivalled rates and standards. We care for our clients, so when you buy from us, you get much more than just spices or ingredients, you get a company that cares.

what we offer

Southwales International provides a wide array of products and services to best fit all of your needs. We are an innovative company who wholeheartedly believe in great tastes and healthy food, focused on creating success with the products we offer the market.


We offer an assortment of spices, herbs and seasonings to give your dishes the distinctive flavors your customers love.

Food Ingredients

Our culinary ingredients range from everyday items to exotic, uncommon delights, ensuring that whatever you seek, we are able to provide.

Packaging Products

Not just spices and culinary ingredients, we also deal in packaging materials such as disposable plates, cups, food containers, bags, etc.

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